Recognizing the need for high-strength alloys with good corrosion resistance to atmospheric environments, the Carpenter Research Laboratory developed Custom 455® stainless, a martensitic age-hardenable stainless steel.  This alloy is relatively soft and formable in the annealed condition. A single-step aging treatment develops exceptionally high yield strength with good ductility and toughness.

This stainless can be machined in the annealed condition, and welded in much the same manner as other precipitation hardenable stainless steels. Because of its low work-hardening rate, it can be extensively cold formed. The dimensional change during hardening is only about -0.001 in/in, which permits close-tolerance finish
machining in the annealed state.

Custom 455 stainless represents a significant advancement in the area of precipitation hardening stainless steels.  It should be considered where simplicity of heat treatment, ease of fabrication, high strength and corrosion resistance are required in combination.


Because of the unique combination of high strength and corrosion resistance of Custom 455 stainless there are a few other alloys available for consideration. Carpenter 13-8 stainless can be considered where good transverse toughness and ductility are necessary in large sections.

Elevated Temperature Use

Custom 455 stainless has displayed excellent resistance to oxidation up to approximately 1100°F (593°C).

Long-term exposure to elevated temperatures can result in reduced toughness in precipitation hardenable stainless steels. The reduction in toughness can be minimized in some cases by using higher aging temperatures. Short exposures to elevated temperatures can be considered, provided the maximum temperature is at least 50°F (28°C) less than the aging temperature.

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