Custom 465® stainless is a premium, double vacuum-melted, martensitic age-hardenable alloy that offers an excellent combination of strength, toughness and corrosion resistance. The typical strength of this alloy can be as high as 1758 MPa (255 ksi), combined with fracture toughness of about 88-99 MPa-square-root-meter (80-90 ksi-square-root inch) and corrosion resistance approaching that of Type 304 stainless. Custom 465 stainless is covered by AMS 5936 Rev. C, ASTM A564, and UNS S46500, and is included in MMPDS-05.

Custom 465 has enabled the aerospace industry to design improved components, either by allowing a switch to a stainless from a non-stainless steel without mechanical property degradation, or by improving the strength of an existing stainless steel part. This alloy has been used for a growing number of other applications including those in the medical, energy, automotive, sporting equipment and hand tool industries, as well as other industrial and consumer related sectors. More recent uses of this versatile alloy have been in the medical, oil and natural gas and sporting equipment markets.

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Precision Alloy Services is a specialty metals distributor and processor located in Bowling Green, Ohio. Precision Alloy Services quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D, and we carry a large inventory of materials including nickel, cobalt, aluminum and titanium alloys, stainless steels and specialty alloy steels in a variety of sizes of sheet, plate, bar, and wire. Processing includes bar sawing, water-jet cutting, chamfering and other services. Contact Us for more information.

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